Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Side stories: Lunch opportunities in Japan

Japan offers great the lunch opportunities. We tasted lunch boxes yesterday and visited a soup restaurant as well. The taste was amazing. You have to try that if you ever get the chance to do so :-)

Timeschedule for the Competition

The time schedule for the competition is available. You can find it online.

We will meet the Berlin United and the HULKs in our first round robin phase.

Second Setup Day

We started our day with a good breakfast and were  with the organization here in Nagoya. Official showing participants the way to the trains and venue. Also we got prepared for the Japan way of public transportation. They marked lines on the ground to show us where to stand. Here are a few images.

We will participate today in the penalty shootout competition which is mandatory. Jörg prepared us well and we are a bit nervous like every year before the first real match.

End of Day one

The first setup day is over and we are heading home. We had a great start so far and a warm welcome. We are already excited for tomorrow :-D

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

First Setup Day

We arrived at the venue a few hours ago. The robocup is quite easy to find in Nagoya. You just have to travel the Aonami Line from one end to the other. You can see the route here.  The train takes approximately 25min and with our batches we got tickets for free.

What is especially great this year: So many volunteers. They waited for us at the airport, at the main station and here at the venue. Thanks in advance for all the great help! You also can't miss them (maybe the color if the t-shirts are a reason ;-)).

The venue is still under construction but the awesome ads for the Robocup are already in place and ticket preorders are sold out.

Most of the teams are already here and it's great to see everyone again :-D

Tobias joined us :-)

Tobias had a flight a day later and joined us at the venue. He had a great trip via Frankfurt to Nagoya but hasn't slept in the last 24h. Let's see if he can make it through the day. :)

Here are some impressions from his journey.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Stop-Over in Korea

The team landed a few hours ago in Korea and is currently searching for a food court. The prices are slightly elevated: a hotdog and a beer 9.25€  Nevertheless the best news is: There is free wifi at the airport ;-)

The time will just fly by with the different activities and events at the airport where you can spend time.

The best when flying long distance is: it's always pleasure for the eyes with beautiful moments and scenery. Here are some impressions.

Take off in Frankfurt and Moscow at night

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Travelling to Nagoya - RoboCup in Japan

Today we started our journey to Nagoya. Tobias will join us on Monday arriving on a different flight.

Our tour took us via train to Frankfurt airport. The plane will leave (hopefully with us and the robots) shortly before 8pm and we will have a stop-over in South Korea. We will fly the last few hours after a swift rest and will arrive in Nagoya Monday evening.

The start of a new Robocup is always exciting for us. We prepared so many new things we want to try out or even have to finish before the first match. Nevertheless we are ready and eager to see the mixed team competition and the new ranking system in action.

Here are some impressions from our way to the airport.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Last Night in Leipzig

Tomorrow we fly from Nagoya from Frankfurt airport. In order for a successful tournament we're still in our lab to do some coding.

This time we travel with 7 robots, so unless we lose some heads we have 2 substitutes. This is really important for the final days of the competition when the hardware starts to wear out.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Coming Soon: RoboCup Nagoya

In 7 days the Robocup Nagoya will begin. In order to prepare ourselves, some members of the team already gathered in our lab in Leipzig. We fly on Sunday, 23rd of July.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A new Nao joins the team!

Our newest team member, named 'Ursula', has arrived in our lab.
A big thank you to Optimax Energy for sponsoring this addition to our team! :D

A second big thank you goes to S&P who sponsored new warranties for all our robots!