Saturday, 29 November 2014

RoHow - Field Work

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We were the first on the field and it's great to see that the RoboCup people can still be amazed by cute robots :-)

RoHow - Welcome Ceremony

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A the RoHow was even a welcome ceremony to welcome the team and clarify all the organizing stuff.

Hello Hamburg - RoHow 2014

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This autumn starts with a conference in Hamburg. The Hulks organized the event and it's great. Here is a photo of the team.

Monday, 28 July 2014


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After a long flight most of the team members are finally home :-) It was a fun RoboCup and we enjoyed it very much.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Landing in Sao Paulo

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We had a good flight to Sao Paulo and currently waiting for our connection flight to Frankfurt. We saw a beautiful sunset from above. We will land at the 27th of July 3pm in Frankfurt. So see you back in Germany :-)

The long way home

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We are leaving Brazil and it's an interesting story for itself. We have boarded our plane but the way to the airport was quite a challenge. Here is a glimpse of it:

Enjoying the beach

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We had one day left in Brazil and used it to use the beach for the first time. It's just beautiful there. Other teams also joined and we extended our stay to the evening and a great time. :-D

Friday, 25 July 2014

Promovideo for RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig

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We participated in the promotional video for the RoboCup 2016 application of the city of Leipzig. We think this video is awesome and you should watch it for sure.

Enjoying the evening

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After a successful RoboCup we enjoyed yesterday an evening on the beach with the other teams. We were celebrating each others victories and had a great time :-)

Rico will be organizing the GermanOpen 2015

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Rico was asked if he would organize the GermanOpen. He eagerly accepted and is looking forward to the challenge. This is a great preparation for the RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig: Rico organizing the GermanOpen and Tobias is part of the team who will organize the RoboCup 2015 in Hefei China.

Drop-in Player Competition: A second second place

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We received a second second place! This time in the drop-in player competition. In this competition each of the teams is assembled of players from five different teams from the main competition. It is judged how good a player contributes to the team and if he is a team player.

After the judging results were in we won second!

The final game in images

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You may see the video from the final game. Here are some still shots from the game.

The preparations: 

Waiting for the start:

Promotion afterwards:

And the award ceremony:

Award Ceremony

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Yesterday was also the award ceremony where we received our price for the second place.

Video Final Game: NaoTeam HTWK vs. RunSwift -- 1:5

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Here is the video of our final game versus RunSwift. We lost 5:1 and these guys deserved to be the world champion. We will be happy to fight for a return match next year :-)

The video is provided by RunSwift.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Final Match: NaoTeam HTWK vs. RunSwift -- 1:5

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This game was unlike anything we have seen before. The first few minutes of the first half were well-balanced between the two teams. However, soon it was getting interesting. Team rUNSWift scored the first goal. The wifi network was failing and every robot on the field was switching to the striker role. Every robot was moving to the ball and a wall of robots were approaching the goal. The half time ended there and we spent the pause attempting to get the wifi router working again. Sadly, it was no use and the referee was calling a referee timeout. We exchanged the wifi router two times and the second one was working eventually.

In the second half RunSwift scored a few more goals. The wifi was back working and we scored one as well.

So we are once more second in the world and we can't quite believe it. We came here with a code base which had faced us with huge problems and we fixed most of them.

We are also the best German team in the world and  the only team that scored a goal versus rUNSWift. We can be proud for this! :-D

After the game we used the time to make promotion shots with the locals. At the moment there should be a few thousand images on Facebook presenting a robot from the HTWK Leipzig.

And know we are celebrating a bit and enjoying the evening. A recording of the  match will follow soon.

SPL Teamfoto & Finals

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Hi guys,

we preparing the final versus RunSwift. This final will be held at 7pm German time and you can probably watch it in the live stream.

In the meantime here is SPL team photo with the teams participating.


Must see: Video NaoTeam HTWK versus UChile -- 5:4

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If you want to watch only one video... then watch this one! This game was intense and awesome.

Update: We fixed the overlays.

Video of the Quarter Final: NaoTeam HTWK vs Berlin United -- 4:1

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014


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We had an extremely close semi final match with UChile. It was the most intense game we ever participated in.

We started the robots ten minutes before the game started and had problems with the communication. We used our timeout early in the game to get that fixed and also to recalibrate our robots.

The first half started good. We shot the first goal and then the world was coming down on us! UChile shot three goals in a row, our robots were completely delocalized (i.e. didn't know where on the field they are) and unable to dribble the ball. We were glad the half-time ended only 3:1 for UChile and our spirits were really down.

We discussed what's the issue and someone pointed out it rained a half hour before the game. Was the camera image maybe a bit dark? Yes the image was a lot darker than expected. We adapted our exposure and hoped for the best.

The second half-time started and we shot the 3:2. Not two minutes later we shot the 3:3 and the rooms was exploding with applause. UChile took their timeout and we used the time to recalibrate our cameras.

After the timeout ended we scored the 4:3 and took the lead. UChile used every bot against us and scored the 4:4. We took the opportunity when UChile had one bot less on the field to score the 5:4.

UChile used everything they had left and not two minuted before the end it looked very closed for them to score another goal, but we managed to fend it off. The game ended 5:4! :-D

Tomorrow we will play in the finals! Our opponent is being decided right now. The contenders are the teams B-Human from Germany and rUNSWift from Australia. We are currently celebrating a bit.

Next Game: semi final versus UChile at 8:40pm German time

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Our opponent in the semi finals will be UChile which won in a penalty shoot out versus Nao Devils Dortmund. We are excited :-D