Thursday, 24 July 2014

Must see: Video NaoTeam HTWK versus UChile -- 5:4

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If you want to watch only one video... then watch this one! This game was intense and awesome.

Video of the Quarter Final: NaoTeam HTWK vs Berlin United -- 4:1

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014


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We had an extremely close semi final match with UChile. It was the most intense game we ever participated in.

We started the robots ten minutes before the game started and had problems with the communication. We used our timeout early in the game to get that fixed and also to recalibrate our robots.

The first half started good. We shot the first goal and then the world was coming down on us! UChile shot three goals in a row, our robots were completely delocalized (i.e. didn't know where on the field they are) and unable to dribble the ball. We were glad the half-time ended only 3:1 for UChile and our spirits were really down.

We discussed what's the issue and someone pointed out it rained a half hour before the game. Was the camera image maybe a bit dark? Yes the image was a lot darker than expected. We adapted our exposure and hoped for the best.

The second half-time started and we shot the 3:2. Not two minutes later we shot the 3:3 and the rooms was exploding with applause. UChile took their timeout and we used the time to recalibrate our cameras.

After the timeout ended we scored the 4:3 and took the lead. UChile used every bot against us and scored the 4:4. We took the opportunity when UChile had one bot less on the field to score the 5:4.

UChile used everything they had left and not two minuted before the end it looked very closed for them to score another goal, but we managed to fend it off. The game ended 5:4! :-D

Tomorrow we will play in the finals! Our opponent is being decided right now. The contenders are the teams B-Human from Germany and rUNSWift from Australia. We are currently celebrating a bit.

Next Game: semi final versus UChile at 8:40pm German time

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Our opponent in the semi finals will be UChile which won in a penalty shoot out versus Nao Devils Dortmund. We are excited :-D

RoboCup side stories: Robots aren't the only ones with problems

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It isn't just our robots who show some health issues. The people operating the robots have their problems from time to time as well . Their is a medical station nearby and we see dehydration, infections with swollen legs which needs antibiotics, people with a sore throat due the breeze at the venue and the air conditioning in the busses / hotel.

Also it seem that a few people have stomach issues: The organizer put on a note on the toilets so you are not drinking the tap water. Due to the different environment it is not drinkable for those wo are not residents in Brazil.

Fifth Game: NaoTeam HTWK vs Berlin United -- 4:1

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Guys! We won the quarter finals! So we are participating in the semi finals.

It was an intense first half due adjustments when we shoot and we didn't know for sure how this will work out. Now we know: quite fine! :-D After the first half the score was 3:0. In the second half each team scored one more goal. So the final score is 4:1 and we will be participating in the semi finals at 20:40 CEST (15:40 BRT).

Next Game: 5:20pm in Germany versus Berlin United

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Out next game will be our first in the quarter finals and will be versus Berlin United. If you like watch the live stream :-)

RoboCup side stories: Champions also need some time off as well

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We give our robots also time to relax and calm down. Our champions get everything they need to be at the top of their game.

Day 5: We arrived at the venue

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We arrived a while ago at the venue and try everything to get the most out of our current code. Being in the quarter finals we know it's sudden death and we try everything to make it to the semi finals and finals. Our next game will be at 5:20pm German time.

End of day 4

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The fourth day ended and we got more than we expected. The robots are working and are functional. We won the group stage and enter into the quarter finals without any additional group games. We will be part of the organizing committee and the best thing so far: the RoboCup 2016 will be in Leipzig :-D

The Votes are in

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The voting results for the organizing committee and technical committee are in. Tobias was nominated and won a place on the organizing committee. This is the second time we have the chance to make a difference and help the league to have a successful RoboCup. In 2012 Rico was already part of the committee in Mexico City.

We would like to thank everyone for honour they have given us and the trust they put in us. We want to ensure that we will do everything to have a great RoboCup 2015.

Video: RoboCup impression filmed from above.

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Here are some RoboCup impressions from the hall, the people, ... we took from above via a quadrocopter. Have fun with it. :-)

Video of the fourth game: NaoTeam HTWK vs Northern Bites -- 3:0

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Video of the third game: NaoTeam HTWK vs EdInferno -- 5:0

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Fourth Game: NaoTeam HTWK vs Northern Bites -- 3:0

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We won our game against the Nothern Bites with a score 3 to 0. So we go directly to the quarter finals. We are very happy about it and now we have some  time to refresh our batteries.

Next Game versus Northern Bites

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In 15 minutes our match against Northern Bytes will start. This will be our last group game, so far we managed to win every single one of them and we are expecting to enter the knock-out rounds as the winner of our group. Feel free to watch the game live on our stream.

Photos from our visitors

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As promised here are some photos of the delegation from Leipzig including the Oberb├╝rgermeister (mayor).

Third Game: NaoTeam HTWK vs EdInferno -- 5:0 -> Quarter Finals :-D

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We won our third game versus EdInferno. We finished the game with 5 to 0 and if nothing goes wrong we are in the quarter finals :-D

Video Livestream

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A few of you have already found our video live stream. If you like, watch the next game while it happens and with all well thought out commands from us. ;-)

The camera has already moved and internet is working again, so have fun.

Next Game versus EdInferno

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Our next game will start in 15 minutes at 17:20 CEST (12:20 BRT) versus EdInferno.